Welcome to the Decent Work Toolbox.

What is this toolbox?

In this toolbox, you will find a variety of ways to apply the concept of Decent Work to your day-to-day work in fragile and low-income contexts. The toolbox contains definitions, good-practices, tools and monitoring approaches for development practitioners and interested others. Development of the toolbox was made possible through funding by the VET Toolbox consortium (here) in which British Council, Enabel, Expertise France, GIZ, LuxDev and AFD cooperate.

How to use the toolbox?

You can use the toolbox to find answers to specific questions, read-up on background articles or find inspiring examples related to Decent Work. The toolbox is structured around ILO’s 4 pillars of decent work (top), while related thematic areas (first click one of the pillars) serve as the main entry points for exploring the toolbox’s content. For each thematic area, the toolbox provides relevant definitions, tools (e.g., manuals), resources (e.g., articles), a section on measurement and details of relevant projects.

The toolbox also provides (here) practical guidance for (those working with) employers on how to ensure that employment conditions are in line with decent work standards. To that end, SA-8000 requirements and guidance are linked to the elements that, together, make up for decent work.

Decent Work Pillars and Thematic areas


Via the Decent Work Pillars and related thematic areas of Enabel's Social Protection portfolio. Selected pages give a short intro to the selected pillar and linked Thematic areas. Each Thematic page gives an intro the… Read further on page Decent Work Pillars and Thematic areas

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Showcasing the Enabel Decent Work projects.

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