Swedes (Brassica napus var. napobrassica)



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GrowNote Canola South 4 Physiology


CANOLA TYPES | CANOLA DEVELOPMENT | PLANT GROWTH STAGES | THE DRIVERS OF PLANT PHENOLOGY SOUTHERN SEPTEMBER 2018 SECTION 4 PLANT GROWTH AND PHYSIOLOGY CANOLA SECTION 4 Canola - Plant growth and physiology 1Know more. Grow more. December 2015 FeedbackTable of Contents SECTION 4 Plant growth and physiology 4.1 Canola types Almost all canola grown commercially in Australia is the Swede rape type of Brassica napus. Brassica juncea (brown or Indian mustard), which has the same quality as canola, is also grown but in much smaller quantities. The 10 oilseed rape types...

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