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Macrotyloma geocarpum

Crop type: Grain legumes

Annona montana

Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Carissa bispinosa

Crop type: Subtropical small fruits

Luffa aegyptiaca

Luffa aegyptiaca or commonly known as Loofah is an annual vine popular for its fruits. It is native to South and Southeast Asia. The flowers are yellow.

Crop name: Loofah | Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables, Medicinal plants

Brassica napus var. napobrassica

Crop name: Swedes

Najas flexilis

Crop name: Nodding waternymph | Crop type: Green manures

Brassica oleracea var. viridis

Crop name: Kale | Crop type: Fodder plants

Phaseolus lunatus

Crop name: Lima beans | Crop type: Vegetable legumes

Tephrosia purpurea subsp. leptostachya

Fragaria ananassa

Crop name: Strawberries

Garcinia mangostana

Mangosteen or Garcinia mangostana is a small evergreen fruit tree that has a pyramidal crown. It is slow-growing, reaching up to 25 m in height and up to 37cm bole diameter.

Crop name: Mangosteens | Crop type: Medicinal plants

Limonia acidissima

Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Phaseolus acutifolius

Crop type: Grain legumes, Vegetable legumes

Cucumeropsis mannii

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables, Oilseed plants

Althaea lenkoranica

Agaricus bisporus

Crop name: Mushrooms

Vicia narbonensis

Crop name: French Vetch | Crop type: Fodder legumes, Green manures

Vigna aconitifolia

Crop type: Fodder legumes, Grain legumes

Taxus baccata

Bloom Color: Green, Yellow. Main Bloom Time: Early spring, Late spring, Mid spring. Form: Rounded.

Crop name: Yew | Crop type: Forest trees, Medicinal plants, Ornamental conifers

Rheum rhaponticum

Crop name: Rhubarb

Momordica cochinchinensis

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables, Medicinal plants

Crambe maritima

Crop name: Sea Kale | Crop type: Leafy vegetables

Myrica rubra

Crop name: Chinese Bayberry | Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Gaylussacia baccata

Gaylussacia baccata, the black huckleberry, is a deciduous Shrub growing to 1 m in dry woods;closely resembling blueberry plants , it is grown in similar conditions.

Crop name: Black Huckleberry | Crop type: Temperate small fruits

Momordica dioica

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables, Medicinal plants

Phyllanthus acidus

Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Gaylussacia dumosa

Crop name: Dwarf Huckleberry | Crop type: Temperate small fruits

Vigna vexillata

Crop type: Fodder legumes, Green manures

Trichosanthes dioica

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables

Vigna unguiculata subsp. cylindrica

Cucurbita mixta

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables

Apium graveolens

Crop name: Wild Celery. Ajmod | Crop type: Essential oil plants

Cucurbita ficifolia

Crop name: Malabar Gourd | Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables

Rubus Ideaus

Crop name: Raspberries

Juglans neotropica

Crop type: Tropical tree nuts

Luffa acutangula

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables

Artocarpus heterophyllus

Jackfruit or Artocarpus heterophyllus is a tropical evergreen tree that grows up to 20 m in height. It has one or two main trunks with a smooth and dark green bark.

Crop name: Jackfruits

Pouteria lucuma

Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Rubus allegheniensis

Crop name: Alleghany Blackberry | Crop type: Temperate small fruits

Avena sativa

Crop name: Oats | Crop type: Fodder plants

Cyperus esculentus

Crop name: Tiger Nut | Crop type: Pasture plants, Root vegetables, Weeds

Setaria viridis

Crop name: Green Bristle Grass | Crop type: Millets, Weeds

Ribes niveum

Crop name: Slender Branched Gooseberry

Tamarindus indica

Tamarindus indica, otherwise known as Tamarind, is a leguminous tree native to tropical Africa. It is the sole species in the Tamarindus genus and is long-lived.

Crop name: Tamarinds | Crop type: Browse plants, Forest trees

Zizania palustris

Crop type: Cereals

Morus alba

Form: Rounded, Spreading or horizontal.

Crop name: Mulberries | Crop type: Forest trees

Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra

Crop type: Leafy vegetables

Althaea hirsuta

Curcuma zanthorrhiza

Crop type: Medicinal plants, Root crops, Starch crops

Glycine max

Crop name: Soyabeans | Crop type: Fodder legumes, Oilseed plants