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Antidesma dallachryanum

Crop type: Tropical small fruits

Malus domestica

Crop name: Apples

Prunus armeniaca

Bloom Color: Pink. Main Bloom Time: Early spring, Late spring, Mid spring. Form: Rounded.

Crop name: Apricots

Coffea arabica

Crop name: Arabica coffee | Crop type: Stimulant plants

Areca catechu

Betel Palm or Areca catechu is a tropical palm of up to 30 m high with a straight and slender trunk. Its dark green leaves can spread 5m across.

Crop name: Arecanuts | Crop type: Medicinal plants, Stimulant plants

Pinus cembra

Bloom Color: Purple, Red, Yellow. Main Bloom Time: Early spring, Late spring, Mid spring. Form: Columnar, Pyramidal.

Crop name: Swiss Stone Pine | Crop type: Forest trees, Ornamental conifers

Gaultheria procumbens

Bloom Color: White. Main Bloom Time: Early summer, Late summer, Mid summer. Form: Prostrate, Spreading or horizontal.

Crop name: Checkerberry

Rubus arcticus

Also known as Nagoonberry in British Columbia. Fruit: Brownish purplish red, aromatic, sweet aggregate of drupes.

Crop name: Arctic Bramble | Crop type: Temperate small fruits

Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis

Persea americana

Avocado, Persea americana, is a large evergreen tree native to South Central Mexico reaching a height of about 20m, or up to 10 m if grafted.

Crop name: Avocados | Crop type: Fatty oil plants

Vigna umbellata

Crop type: Fodder legumes, Grain legumes

Vigna subterranea

Crop type: Grain legumes

Pereskia aculeata

Crop type: Ornamental succulent plants, Subtropical small fruits

Hordeum vulgare

Crop name: Barley

Echinochloa frumentacea

Crop name: Japanese Millet | Crop type: Millets

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Crop name: Bearberry | Crop type: Algicidal plants, Medicinal plants, Tan plants, Temperate small fruits

Beta vulgaris

Crop name: Sugar Beet | Crop type: Dye plants, Fodder plants

Ageratum conyzoides

Crop name: Goatweed | Crop type: Essential oil plants, Insecticidal plants, Medicinal plants, Ornamental herbaceous plants

Vicia cracca

Crop name: Tufted Vetch | Crop type: Fodder legumes, Green manures

Momordica charantia

Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables, Medicinal plants

Ribes nigrum

Crop name: Black currants

Sambucus nigra

Elderberry is native to most of Europe and North America. It has excellent edible, medicinal and other uses.

Crop name: Elderberry - European Elder | Crop type: Forest trees, Medicinal plants, Temperate tree fruits

Vigna mungo

Vigna mungo or also known in various common names such as Black Gram, Urd Bean, Black Matpe, and Black Mung Bean, is an erect, hairy, and bushy annual plant with a well-developed tap root and grows

Crop name: Black gram

Acer saccharum subsp. nigrum

Salix nigra

Form: Oval.

Crop name: Black Willow | Crop type: Forest trees

Vigna unguiculata subsp. unguiculata

Antidesma bunius

Bignay or Antidesma bunuis is a small tropical bushy tree that is usually 3 - 6 m tall but can reach 15 -30 m high. It is also known as Chinese laurel, currant tree, and buni.

Crop name: Bignay | Crop type: Tropical small fruits

Bidens pilosa

Crop type: Medicinal plants, Weeds

Vaccinium uliginosum

Crop name: Bog Bilberry | Crop type: Temperate small fruits

Lagenaria siceraria

Crop name: Bottle Gourd | Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables

Gossypium hirsutum

Crop name: Cotton | Crop type: Fibre plants

Brassica japonica

Crop type: Leafy vegetables

Brassica perviridis

Crop type: Leafy vegetables

Eugenia dombeyi

Crop type: Subtropical tree fruits, Tropical tree fruits

Bertholletia excelsa

Brazil nut or Berholletia excels is a large, tropical, evergreen tree up to 60 m tall and trunk diameter of 14 m. It is found in South America. Brazil nut has medicinal properties.

Crop name: Brazil nuts

Artocarpus altilis

Breadfruit or Artocarpus altilis is a tropical evergreen tree that grows up to 20-26m tall. It has a wide crown and a straight, cylindrical bole that can be 1.8 m in diameter.

Crop name: Breadfruits

Typha latifolia

Bloom Color: Brown. Main Bloom Time: Late summer, Mid summer.

Crop name: Reedmace | Crop type: Ornamental aquatic plants, Weeds

Brassica oleracea var. italica

Crop name: Broccoli

Acacia mangium

Crop name: Strap wattle | Crop type: Forest trees

Brachiaria ramosa

Crop type: Millets, Pasture plants

Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera

Crop name: Brussels sprouts

Fagopyrum esculentum

Crop name: Buckwheat | Crop type: Green manures

Cucurbita moschata

Crop name: Squash | Crop type: Cucurbit vegetables

Urena lobata

Crop type: Fibre plants

Chrysophyllum cainito

Star Apple is a tropical, slow-growing evergreen tree that is usually about 25 m tall and 4-8 m wide.

Crop name: Star Apple | Crop type: Ornamental woody plants, Tropical tree fruits

Citrus madurensis

Crop name: Calamondins

Alternanthera bettzickiana

Pouteria viridis

Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Calopogonium mucunoides

Crop name: Calopo | Crop type: Green manures, Pasture legumes

Cinnamomum camphora

Bloom Color: Yellow.
Main Bloom Time: Early spring, Late spring, Mid spring. Form: Rounded.

Crop name: Camphor | Crop type: Essential oil plants, Forest trees