The toolbox provides a host of practical resources linked to the pillars, thematic areas and substantive elements to satisfy your concrete information needs. You are therefore strongly encouraged to navigate this website by clicking  the pillars, thematic areas and Decent Work substantive elements. At each of these destinations, you will find downloadable (third-party) resources that should help you explore and make tangible that specific part of Decent Work.

This toolbox is very much a living utility and you are therefore encouraged to make use of the comments section to start discussions and ask questions that are related to a specific topic. In this way, you are contributing to the much needed operationalization of Decent Work.


The toolbox aims to provide tangible entry points for Decent Work on a lower level (e.g., a programme in a specific sector of industry or internships for x number of young people in a geographical region), thus the macro-level dimension (country) is not covered in depth. Instead, the toolbox provides entry points for engaging with Decent work as the concept is interpreted and applied by Enabel in their social protection portfolio.


For more information on this toolbox, please reach out to: