Currently, all projects included here are Enabel projects implemented in Africa and the Middle East. Please use the filter options on the right side of the screen to filter projects based on pillar, element, thematic area or location.

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SU – RISE - Support to Skilling Uganda – Skills Development Fund RISE

Support training delivery for refugees and host communities in line with the national strategy (skilling uganda) in Northern Uganda (Arua, Adjumani and Mojo)


The intervention “Skilled Young Palestine” – Strengthening youth resilience, aims to contribute to support Palestine in gaining economic autonomy and build up resilience among Palestinian youth. Estimates are that by 2050, the youth population…


Appui aux coopératives pour ancrer la durabilité dans leur business model.


Towards a Holistic Approach to Labour Migration Governance and Labour Mobility in North Africa.

The Action is designed as a regional programme to foster legal migration and mobility for North African countries. The programme addresses both…

VET TOOLBOX - Promoting Inclusive, Demand-Driven VET & Skills Development

Employment is a key factor for development and inclusive growth, connecting economic opportunities and poverty reduction. With the private sector creating 90% of jobs in developing countries, closer links between Vocational Education and Training…

VET TOOLBOX 2 - Enhanced delivery of demand-driven skills development for investment in Africa

The action contributes to improving the investment climate in selected African countries but is first and foremost an opportunity-driven action, which aims to turn investments into drivers for inclusive economic growth, social development and…


The Youth Economic Empowerment in Palestine (YEP) Action aims to address the lack of economic prospects for Palestinian youths, including vulnerable youth and young women, by empowering them to access decent employment opportunities. The Action…