Skip to main content is a clearinghouse collecting and redistributing manuals, images, question and answer services about sustainable farming for farmers and farm advisors. Material is auto-collected, auto-indexed, and made findable via different languages.

Farmknowledge endeavours to de-silo agricultural information and connect related data that wasn't previously linked. We aim to be the world best search engine for practical farm manuals, pest and disease images, questions and answers, bringing together content from hundreds of sources.

Information silo's

Many hundreds of websites carry information on sustainable farming. Some in the form of single webpages, others offer sophisticated library services. It is however quite a challenge for farmers and farm advisory services to find practical information, relevant to the crop or pest/disease/weed:

  • Websites maintain their own search logic while spelling conventions for crops, pests and diseases are often unclear. For instance, if you search for material on Mung beans, should your search on Mungbean, Mungbeans, Mung bean or Mung beans? Or the Colorado Potato Beetle, Colorado beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata or ... ?;
  • Websites act as information silo's with a single focus on IPM or real-IPM or Organic farm practices;
  • Or website content is focused on a single crop, a geographic region or language or a defined group of publishers.

Farmknowledge currently offers acces to 368 online repositories carrying 7,257 downloadable documents and 10,937 images of crops, pests and diseases. Documents and images are related to 570 crop names with 36,547 common names and synonyms, and to 17,486 pests, diseases and weeds with 78,413 related common names and synonyms.

FarmKnowledge does not own nor claim copyrights on any of the materials, all document files are the property of their respective owners (disclaimer). Canonical tags are implemented ensuring that the original owners get all of the (download) credit and SEO benefits.


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