The “ Amuddu : Support for the implementation of the National Immigration and Asylum Strategy” project aims to improve the employability of migrants and refugees in Morocco. This improvement requires, on the one hand, an adaptation of their professional profile in order to better meet the needs of the labor market or to be better equipped to launch an entrepreneurship initiative; and, on the other hand, through better access to existing support measures for economic inclusion.

To do this, the project supports Moroccan public institutions to improve their services aimed at the economic integration of migrants through vocational training and support services for employment and entrepreneurship. This approach aims to strengthen the positive effects of migration on Morocco's development by improving the employability of migrants, their autonomy and their ability to contribute to the revitalization of the Moroccan economy.

In order to respond to the major constraints with regard to the economic inclusion of migrants and refugees - in particular the lack of information on the services offered and mistrust vis-à-vis public institutions - a new approach consisting in the placement of four community agents, from the migrant and refugee population, within the public employment service agencies (ANAPEC) in Rabat and Casablanca were tested; as well as the implementation of incentive measures – such as subsidized contracts – or the mentoring approach.



Specific objective. Improving the employability of migrants and refugees in Morocco

Result 1: Access for migrants to existing vocational guidance and training systems is better ensured

Result 2: Access of migrants to support mechanisms for (self-) employment and the labor market is improved

Result 3: The joint action of structures working in the field of economic integration of migrants is boosted and better coordinated