Achatina fulica


Achatina fulica in different languages.

African giant snail
Giant African land snail
Giant African snail
Giant East African land snail
Kalutara snail
Lissachatina fulica
African giant snail
Giant African snail
Kalutara snail
Afrikanische Riesenschnecke
Große Achatschnecke
Achatine de Madagascar
Achatine foulque
Achatine mauritanienne
Escargot géant africain
Acatina africana
Babosa gigante africana
Caracol gigante africano
Gran caracol africano
Acatina dell' Isola Maurizio
Afrikaanse reuzenslak
Grote Afrikaanse slak
Vanlig afrikansk jättelandsnäcka
Гигантская африканская улитка
Lissachatina fulica


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Exotic pest alert: giant African snail


Exotic Pest Alert: Giant African snail
April 2015 Primefact 1394 1st edition
Plant Biosecurity and Product Integrity, Orange
Giant African snail (Achatina fulica) is an exotic
plant pest not established on Australia’s
This snail is a serious threat to Australia’s
If found it must be reported promptly to the
Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881
Giant African snail
Giant African snail (GAS) is one of the world’s...

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“Caracol gigante africano”
es el nombre que se utiliza
comúnmente para describir
varias especies de caracoles
foráneos que podrían convertirse
en plagas agrícolas graves
en los Estados Unidos. El
caracol gigante africano
de más importancia es la
especie Lissachatina fulica
(anteriormente, Achatina fulica ).
El caracol gigante africano
Los científicos consideran que
la especie L. fulica es uno
de los caracoles terrestres
más dañinos del mundo...

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“Giant African snail” is the
common name used to describe
several foreign snail species
that could become serious
agricultural pests in the United
States. The most important giant
African snail is Lissachatina
fulica (formerly Achatina fulica ).
The Giant African Snail
Scientists consider L. fulica to
be one of the most damaging
land snails in the world. It is
known to feed on at least
500 different types of plants,
including peanuts, beans...

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“Giant African snail” is the common
name used to describe several snail
species that are native to Africa and
considered serious agricultural pests
in the United States.
These species are large, terrestrial
snails that reach up to 8 inches
(20 cm) in length and nearly 5 inches
(13 cm) in diameter—about the size of
an average adult fist. The brownish
shell covers at least half the length of
the snail.
To report or dispose of a giant African...



ORIGIN: Native to East Africa (Kenya & Tanzania) and
Pacifi c Islands.
CURRENT DISTRIBUTION: Not currently found in the
U.S. Frequently intercepted at various international ports
coming into the U.S. Natural spread is extremely slow but
sped up as the snails can hitch on various plants and car-
go transported into and around the country. Though now
illegal these snails can also be found in captivity exotic pet
stores and classroom or museum...

Natural enemy