Bactrocera tryoni


Bactrocera tryoni in different languages.

Chaetodacus musa
Chaetodacus sarcocephali
Chaetodacus tryoni
Chaetodacus tryoni var. juglandis
Chaetodacus tryoni var. sarcocephali
Dacus ferrugineus tryoni
Dacus tryoni
Dacus tryoni musa
Queensland fruit fly
Strumeta melas
Strumeta tryoni
Tephritis tryoni
Queensland fruit fly
Mouche des fruits de Queensland
Chaetodacus tryoni
Dacus ferrugineus tryoni
Dacus tryoni
Strumeta tryoni
Tephritis tryoni


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QFly and Medfly FS


Fact sheet
Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies
What are they?
Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata; MedF\fy)
is one of the wor\fd’s most destructive agricu\ftura\f
pests, and the Queens\fand fruit fly ( Bactrocera tryoni;
Qfly) is a\fso considered a very serious pest of a wide
variety of fruit and vegetab\fes. The presence of these
flies in production regions has severe consequences
on trade, both \foca\f\fy and internationa\f\fy....

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