Brevipalpus phoenicis


Brevipalpus phoenicis in different languages.

Brevipalpus macbridei
Brevipalpus papayensis
Brevipalpus pseudocuneatus
Brevipalpus yothersi
False spider mite
Passionvine mite
Red and black flat mite
Red crevice mite
Tenuipalpus phoenicis


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Pest and Disease Photoguide to Papaya disorders


KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE Papaya disorders CABI PEST AND DISEASE PHOTOGUIDE TOIntroduction This photo booklet has been produced by the CABI-led Plantwise programme ( to aid extension officers and other plant health advisors in diagnosing the most common pests, diseases and abiotic problems of coffee around the world. The symptoms presented on a real plant sample can be compared with the photos in this guide to identify possible causes...

Confirmation Juliana TPP CiLV C Mexico Dec2011


Tropical Plant Pathology 36 (6) November - December 2011
Tropical Plant Pathology , vol. 36, 6, 400-403 (2011)Copyright by the Brazilian Phytopathological Society. Printed in
Confirmation of the presence of the Citrus leprosis virus C
(CiLV-C) in Southern Mexico
Isidro Izquierdo Castillo 1, Luis Felipe Zermeño Diaz 1, Walter Mendez 2, Gabriel Otero-Colina 3,...

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