Chrysomphalus aonidum


Chrysomphalus aonidum in different languages.

Aonidiella ficorum
Aspidiotes aonidum
Aspidiotes ficorum
Aspidiotus aonidum
Aspidiotus ficorum
Aspidiotus ficus
Circular black scale
Coccus aonidum
Circular purple scale
Circular scale
Citrus black scale
Egyptian black scale
Florida red scale
Purple scale
Red-spotted scale
Rote Florida-Schildlaus
Schwarze Tellerschildlaus
Kermès de Floride
Pou de Floride
Pou rouge de Floride
Cochinilla circular negra
Escama roja de Florida
Queresa redonda marrón
Cocciniglia di Florida
Rode citrusschildluis
Щитовка апельсиновая круглая
Kirmizi kosnil
Haknima hashchora
Ronde persdopluis
Aspidiotus ficorum
Aspidiotus ficus
Chrysomphalus ficus


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Armoured scales on citrus

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