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Common pests and diseases of orange


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Common pests and diseases of Orange
Common pests and diseases of Orange
Angular leaf spot
(FUNGUS -Pseudocercospora angolensis )
Citrus scab
(FUNGUS - Elsinoe fawcetti )
 Leaf spots - light brown or greyish, circular (up to
10 mm), mostly solitary , usually surrounded a
prominent yellow halo
 Fruit spots - circular to irregular. In young fruits the
spots become hard and raised surrounded by a
yellow halo....

Common pests and diseases of citrus: Afghanistan


Common pest s and diseases of Citrus Afghanistan
Citrus Canker Leaf miner
• Lesions are usually raised coloured tan to brown
spots on leaves.
• The disease causes citrus trees to prematurely drop
leaves and fruits . It can also cause dieback of twigs
and branches.
• Trees stop producing fruits .
• Citrus leaf miner larvae feed by creating shallow
tunnels or mines in young leaves.
• The mining causes the...

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Photo 1 . S p ots - b lis te r o r c ra te rs - c a u se d b y
cit ru s c a n ker,
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are s u rro unded b y a y ello w h alo o r m arg in , a n d
th at t h e le aves a re n ot
dis to rte d a s t h ey a re b y
cit ru s s ca b ,
Els in oë
fa w ce ttii.
Photo 2 . C lo se -u p o f t h e p ustu le s f o rm ed b y
cit ru s c a n ker,
Xan th om onas
cit ri
, s h ow in g
yello w h alo es.



Pathogen of the month
Pathogen of the month

Bacterial blight disease symptoms on pomegranate fruits along with healthy red colour fruit on left. Photo credits G.K. Kumar, re f. #2).
Disease: Bacterial blight
Causal Agent: Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae
Classification: D: Bacteria, C: Gammaproteobacteria, O: Xanthomonadales, F: Xanthonomonadaceae
X. axonopodis pv.punicae is a bacterial pathogen that...

FieldIdentificationGuide SweetOrangeScab


Field Identification Guide for Sweet Orange Scab (Elsinöe australis)
Developed by CPHST in cooperation with MDL and CHRP 10/4/2010
Symptoms on Fruit and Stems
The initial scab will form during the early stages of fruit development, and is slightly raised and pink to light
brown in color. As the pustule continues to develop it will become warty and cracked and the coloration can
change to a yellowish brown and eventually to a dark gray....

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