Metamasius hemipterus


Metamasius hemipterus in different languages.

Calandra sacchari
Curculio hemipterus
Curculio rufofasciatus
Curculio variegatus
Rhynchophorus hemipterus
Rotten cane stalk borer
Silky cane weevil
Sphanophorus hemipterus
Sphenophorus ambiguus
Sphenophorus decoratus
Sphenophorus hemipterus
Sphenophorus inscripta
Sphenophorus sacchari
Sphenophorus sexguttatus
Weevil borer
West Indian cane weevil
Rotten cane stalk borer
Silky cane weevil
Weevil borer
West Indian cane weevil
West Indian sugarcane borer
Gorgojo de la raíz y tallo
Metamasius sericeus


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Rhynchophorus spp


Screening Aid
The Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier), and South
American Palm Weevil, R. palmarum (L.), are the two of the most
destructive of six species in Rhynchophorus that are known to attack
palms. These weevils are well-known pests of date palms but can attack
a number of other hosts. Rhynchophorus ferrugineus has been reported
to also attack agave and sugar cane and R. palmarum has a wider range
of reported...

Natural enemy