Mycena citricolor


Mycena citricolor in different languages.

Agaricus citricolor
Mycena tricolor
Omphalia flavida
Sphaerostilbe flavida
Stilbum flavidum
American leaf spot of coffee
Eye spot of coffee
Iron spot of coffee
Leaf spot of coffee
Amerikanische Blattkrankheit: Kaffee
Schwarzblättrigkeit: Kaffee
Feuilles noires du caféier
Maladie américaine du caféier
Stilbose du caféier
Taches foliaires américaines
Mancha americana de la hoja del cafeto
Ojo de gallo del cafeto
Omphalia flavida
Sphaerostilbe flavida
Stilbum flavidum


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CCCMP2 FinleyKingWang FINAL


Adaptation to Climate Change by Smallholder
Coffee Producers in Latin America
Jennifer Finley-Lezcano
Danielle King
Tianyu Wang
29 April 2016
Advisor Dr. Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza, Associate Professor of the Practice
Nicholas School of the Environment; Durham, NC
Client Meredith Taylor, Director of Sustainability
Counter Culture Coffee; Durham, NC
Masters project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the Master of...

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