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sweetpotato tortoise beetle 054


Photo 1. Holes made by tortoise beetles,
Cassida spp., in leaves of sweetpotato.
Photo 2. Aspidimorpha deusta on sweetpotato
(Solomon Islands). It is also a common species
on Ipomoea pes-caprae.
Photo 3. Cassida papuana on sweetpotato
showing damage to leaf surface.
Photo 4. Above view of the tortoise beetle,
Cassida papuana.
Photo 5. Underside of the tortoise beetle,
Cassida papuana, showing the extended thorax
and wing covers.
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taro papuana beetle 030


Photo 1 . E xte n siv e a n d t y p ic a l d am age c a u se d
by t a ro b eetle s,
Pap uan a
s p ., in t a ro c o rm s.
Th ese c o rm s a re
unm ark eta b le .
Photo 2 . D am age in a t a ro c o rm d ue t o t h e
fe ed in g o f t a ro b eetle s,
Pap uan a
s p .
Photo 3 . A dult t a ro b eetle ,
Pap uan a
sp . T h e
beetle is a b out 2 0 m m lo ng.
P acif ic P ests a n d P ath ogen s - F a ct S h eets
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