Phytophthora capsici


Phytophthora capsici in different languages.

Blight of capsicum
Blight of pepper
Brown rot of watermelon
Fruit decay of squash
Fruit rot of capsicum
Leaf blight of cucumber
Leaf blight of tomato
Root rot of capsicum
Root rot of cucumber
Root rot of pepper
Root rot of tomato
Fäule: Gurkengewächse
Fäule: Paprika
Fäule: Tomate
Wurzelbrand: Pfeffer
Wurzelbrand: Tomate
Mildiou du poivron
Pudrición de las hortalizas
Pudrición del pie del pimiento
Tristeza del chile


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Phytophthora in hot peppers


Created in
Trinidad and Tobago
Phytophthora in hot peppers
Recognize the problem
This disease is very common in peppers and tomatoes. It is caused by a
fungus-like organism which can destroy entire fields.
The fungus attacks roots, stems, leaves and fruits. The fungus causes
blackening at the base of the stem. The plant wilts. Infected leaves seem
scalded and bleached and...

Vegetable diseases caused by Phytophthora capsici in Florida

Phytophthora fruit rot of green pepper



1Tomato Ecological Guide - 2000
Why this guide?
About this guide
This ecological guide is developed by the FAO Inter-Country Programme for IPM in vegetables in South
and Southeast Asia. It is an updated version of the Tomato IPM Ecological Guide dated June 1996.
The objective of this ecological guide is to provide general technical background information on tomato
production, supplemented with field experiences from the National IPM programmes...

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