Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae


Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae in different languages.

Bacillus cerasi
Bacillus gummis
Bacillus matthiolae
Bacillus spongiosus
Bacterium cerasi
Bacterium cerasi var. prunicola
Bacterium citrarefaciens
Bacterium citriputeale
Bacterium gummis
Bacterium hibisci
Bacterium holci
Bacterium matthiolae
Bacterium nectarophilum
Bacterium prunicola
Bacterium rimaefaciens
Bacterium spongiosum
Bacterium syringae
Bacterium trifoliorum
Bacterium utiformica
Bacterium vignae
Bacterium vignae var. leguminophilum
Bacterium viridifaciens
Chlorobacter syringae
Phytomonas cerasi
Phytomonas cerasi var. prunicola
Phytomonas citrarefaciens
Phytomonas citriputealis
Phytomonas hibisci
Phytomonas holci
Phytomonas matthiolae
Phytomonas nectarophila
Phytomonas prunicola
Phytomonas rimaefaciens
Phytomonas spongiosa
Phytomonas syringae
Phytomonas trifoliorum
Phytomonas utiformica
Phytomonas vignae
Phytomonas vignae var. leguminophila
Phytomonas viridifaciens
Pseudomonas cerasi
Pseudomonas cerasi f.sp. pyri
Pseudomonas cerasi var. prunicola
Pseudomonas cerasi var. pyri
Pseudomonas citrarefaciens
Pseudomonas citriputeale
Pseudomonas citriputealis
Pseudomonas hibisci
Pseudomonas holci
Pseudomonas matthiolae
Pseudomonas nectarophila
Pseudomonas oryzicola
Pseudomonas prunicola
Pseudomonas rimaefaciens
Pseudomonas spongiosa
Pseudomonas striafaciens var. japonica
Pseudomonas syringae f.sp. prunicola
Pseudomonas syringae japonica
Pseudomonas syringae pathovar. japonica
Pseudomonas syringae pathovar. syringae
Pseudomonas syringae pv. japonica
Pseudomonas syringae subsp. japonica
Pseudomonas trifoliorum
Pseudomonas utiformica
Pseudomonas vignae
Pseudomonas vignae var. leguminophila
Pseudomonas viridifaciens
Bacterial canker of lilac
Bacterial canker of pear
Bacterial canker of stone fruits
Bacterial canker of trees
Bacterial leaf spot of sorghum
Bacterial stem blight of alfalfa
Black pit of citrus
Blast of citrus
Brown spot of bean
Chocolate spot of maize
Bakterienbrand: Kernobst
Bakterienbrand: Sauerkirsche
Bakterienbrand: Steinobst
Bakterienbrand: Zitrus
Feuchter Brand: Flieder
Bactériose des agrumes
Bactériose des arbres fruitiers à noyau
Bactériose du poirier
Black pit des agrumes
Blast des agrumes
Chancre bactérien des fruits à noyau
Coulure bactérienne du poirier
Dessèchement bactérien
Taches bactériennes du haricot
Taches bactériennes du maïs
Chancro bacteriano del ciruelo
Phytomonas vignae
Pseudomonas cerasi
Pseudomonas holci
Pseudomonas japonica
Pseudomonas medicaginis
Pseudomonas striafaciens var. japonica
Pseudomonas syringae pv. japonica
Pseudomonas vignae


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