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Diaporthe vexans

Has disease name: Phomopsis blight of eggplant

Pileolaria terebinthi

Has disease name: Pistachio rust

Gerwasia pittieriana

Has disease name: Potato common rust, Tomato rust

Erysiphe cruciferarum

Has disease name: Powdery mildew of Brussels sprouts, Powdery mildew of crucifers, Rape powdery mildew, Swede powdery mildew, Turnip powdery mildew

Podosphaera macularis

Has disease name: Powdery mildew of hop

Ramularia rhei

Has disease name: Rhubarb leaf spot

Rhizoctonia zeae

Has disease name: Maize root rot, Rice bordered sheath spot, Rice sheath spot, Sheath spot

Pithomyces chartarum

Has disease name: Rice glume blotch

Eballistra oryzae

Has disease name: Rice leaf smut, Rice leaf spot

Pustula tragopogonis

Category: Biological control agents | Has disease name: Salsify white rust, Sunflower white rust

Uromyces joffrini

Has disease name: Vanilla rust

Vasculomyces xanthosomatis

Has disease name: Salpetre disease of tannias

Gibellulopsis nigrescens

Has disease name: Seed reduction of soyabean

Mycosphaerella musicola

Has disease name: Banana leaf spot, Sigatoka disease of banana

Polyscytalum pustulans

Has disease name: Skin spot of potato

Capnodium mangiferae

Has disease name: Sooty mould of mango

Fusarium neocosmosporiellum

Has disease name: Soyabean stem rot

Discohainesia oenotherae

Has disease name: Strawberry black lesion root rot

Rhizoctonia fragariae

Has disease name: Strawberry black root rot

Strawberry latent C virus

Has disease name: Strawberry latent C disease

Mycosphaerella fragariae

Has disease name: Strawberry leaf blight, Strawberry leaf spot

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. fragariae

Has disease name: Strawberry wilt, Strawberry yellows disease

Fusarium coeruleum

Has disease name: Potato dry rot, Sugarbeet root rot

Ceratocystis adiposa

Has disease name: Sugarcane black rot

Calonectria theae

Has disease name: Tea bird's eyespot, Tea leaf spot

Pseudopestalotiopsis camelliae

Has disease name: Tea grey blight

Pestalotia guepinii

Has disease name: Brown blight of tea, Tea grey leaf spot

Schizopora flavipora

Has disease name: Tea red root disease, Tea root disease

Rossmania aculeata

Has disease name: Thorny stem blight of tea

Rhizoctonia tuliparum

Has disease name: Tulip grey bulb rot

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vanillae

Has disease name: Vanilla wilt

Thanatephorus theobromae

Has disease name: Vascular-streak dieback of cocoa

Pythium uncinulatum

Has disease name: Bottom rot of lettuce, Vegetable damping off

Phytoplasma prunorum

Has disease name: Apricot chlorotic leafroll, Apricot dieback, Cherry Molieres disease, Decline of Japanese plum, Nectarine chlorotic leafroll, Peach decline, Peach rosette (Italian), Peach vein clearing, Peach vein enlargement, Peach yellows (European), Plum leptonecrosis

Phytoplasma australiense

Has disease name: Australian grapevine yellows, Strawberry green petal disease, Strawberry lethal yellows disease

Maize streak virus

Has disease name: Streak disease of maize

Oidium nephelii

Has disease name: Powdery mildew of citrus, Powdery mildew of rambutan

Myxobolus cerebralis

Has disease name: Whirling disease

Pyrenophora dictyoides f.sp. perennis

Has disease name: Ryegrass leaf spot

Aphanomyces invadans

Has disease name: Epizootic ulcerative syndrome

Alternaria cuscutacidae

Category: Biological control agents, Mycoherbicides

Melanagromyza cuscutae

Category: Biological control agents

Phytomyza orobanchia

Category: Biological control agents

Brevibacillus laterosporus

Category: Biological control agents

Parkinsonia aculeata

Physiphora aenea

Gigaspora margarita

Category: Biological control agents

Rhizophagus fasciculatus

Category: Biological control agents, Fungal antagonists

Macrocheles muscaedomesticae

Category: Biological control agents

Botrytis cinerea


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