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Choosing cover crops for arable crop rotations

Controlling potato beetles with BT


Tuta absoluta on tomato in Ghana.

Stem borers on maize: Ghana.

Common insect pests on tomato: Ghana.

Common pests and diseases on mango: Ghana.

Macadamia seed weevil orchard management

Integrated management of macadamia pests with emphasis on alternative pesticides and more effective monitoring

Coffee and Macadamia Nut Pest Management, and the Statewide IPM program

Herbicides against weeds in maize

Control of maize smut by seed treatment

Cultural control of wheat powdery mildew

Control of rust diseases by resistant varieties

Maize stalk borer


Tomato yellow leaf curl virus


Gummy Stem Blight of Christophene

Sclerotinia rot of cabbages

Papaya Mealybugs

Grey Leaf Spot on Tomato

Mango seed weevil



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