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85. Soil Fertility


Sustainable intensification and the African smallholder
B Vanlauwe1, D Coyne1, J Gockowski2, S Hauser3, J Huising3,
C Masso1, G Nziguheba1, M Schut4 and P Van Asten5
Available online at
Sub-Saharan Africa needs to produce more food, feed, and
fiber to support its growing population and intensification of
smallholder agriculture is a crucial component of any strategy
towards this goal. Sustainable...

86. Soil Fertility

87. Soil Fertility


2 Soil Fertility Management
African Organic Agriculture Training Manual
A Resource Manual for Trainers
Draft Version 1.1
December 2012
Ready for fi eld testing
African Organic Agriculture Training Manual Module 02 Soil Fertility Management
1. Introduction 1
2. Soils 3
2.1. What is soil? 3
2.2. What is soil made of and what is its importance? 3
2.3. Soil structure 6
2.4. Soil types and their characteristics 7
3. Soil fertility 9

88. Soil Fertility


2 Usimamizi wa Rutuba ya Udongo
Mwongozo wa Mafunzo ya Kilimo-Hai Afrika
Mwongozo kwa Wakufunzi
Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement
African Organic Agriculture Training Manual 2 Usimamizi wa Rutuba ya Udongo
1. Utangulizi 1
2. Udongo 3
2.1. Udongo ni nini? 3
2.2. Udongo umetengenezwa na nini na umuhimu
wake ? 3
2.3. Muundo wa udongo 6
2.4. Aina za udongo na sifa zake bainifu 7
3. Rutuba ya udongo 9
3.1. Rutuba ya udongo ni nini? 9...

90. Maize production


Post-harvest Operations
- Post-harvest Compendium
TEFF: Post-harvest Operations Page 1
TEF: Post-harvest Operations
Organization: Institute of Agricultural Research Organization, Holetta Agricultural Research
Center (IARO)
Author: Alemayehu Refera
Edited by AGSI/FAO: Danilo Mejia (Technical), Beverly Lewis (Language & Style)
Last reviewed: 14/05/2001

91. Maize production

93. Our matoke will survive: Ugandan farmers fight banana bacterial wilt


Enhancing Cowpea Productivity for Sustainable
Livelihoods of Farmers in West Africa
Promoting the supply of improved
seeds, markets access, and the
deployment of extension services
for up-scaling best practices are
important factors conditioning the
rate of adoption and hence the
increased contribution of cowpea
to improved livelihoods of rural
Cowpea has been called "the poor
man's meat," due to its high protein

97. Our matoke will survive: Ugandan farmers fight banana bacterial wilt

98. #97: Package 97: Growing groundnuts

99. #97: Package 97: Growing groundnuts

100. #97: Package 97: Growing groundnuts


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