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Macrotyloma geocarpum

Crop type: Grain legumes

Annona montana

Crop type: Tropical tree fruits

Phomopsis phaseoli

Has disease name: Bean pod blight, Bean stem blight, Bean stem canker, Leaf spot of Lima bean, Lima bean pod blight, Northern soyabean stem canker, Pod blight of soyabean, Southern soyabean stem canker, Soyabean pod and stem blight, Soyabean seed decay, Soyabean stem blight, Soyabean stem canker

Botryosphaeria corticis

Has disease name: Blueberry dieback, Blueberry stem canker

Diaporthe cinerescens

Has disease name: Canker of fig

Mycosphaerella chrysanthemi

Has disease name: Chrysanthemum blight, Chrysanthemum ray blight, Chrysanthemum stem canker

Helicobasidium compactum

Has disease name: Collar canker of coffee, Purple root rot, Violet root rot of coffee

Pestalotiopsis psidii

Has disease name: Fruit bitter rot, Guava fruit canker, Guava grey leaf spot

Leucostoma persoonii

Has disease name: Fruit trees dieback, Peach canker

Phomopsis vaccinii

Has disease name: Fruit rot of blueberry, Phomopsis canker of blueberry, Phomopsis twig blight of blueberry, Storage rot of cranberry, Upright dieback of cranberry, Viscid rot of cranberry

Ceratocystis piceiperda

Has disease name: Pine girdling canker, Pine root canker

Coniothyrium wernsdorffiae

Has disease name: Rose brand canker

Cryptosporella umbrina

Has disease name: Rose brown canker

Brenneria nigrifluens

Has disease name: Shallow bark canker of walnut

Didymella applanata

Has disease name: Spur blight, Spur blight of raspberry, Spur canker of raspberry

Exobasidium vaccinii

Has disease name: Blueberry leaf gall

Synchytrium psophocarpi

Has disease name: False rust, Orange gall of winged bean

Sarocladium strictum

Has disease name: Acremonium wilt, Maize black bundle disease, Maize kernel rot

Podosphaera mors-uvae

Has disease name: American gooseberry powdery mildew, Powdery mildew of currant

Phakopsora ampelopsidis

Has disease name: Ampelopsis rust

Passalora bataticola

Has disease name: Angular leaf spot of sweet potato, Sweet potato leaf spot

Septoria lycopersici var. malagutii

Has disease name: Annular leaf spot of potato

Microdochium panattonianum

Has disease name: Anthracnose of lettuce, Lettuce ringspot, Lettuce rust, Shot-hole of lettuce

Phyllosticta antirrhini

Has disease name: Antirrhinum stem rot

Neofabraea malicorticis

Has disease name: Apple anthracnose, Apple fruit rot, Apple storage rot

Gloeodes pomigena

Has disease name: Apple blotch, Apple sooty blotch, Citrus sooty blotch

Neofusicoccum mangiferae

Has disease name: Apple branch wilt

Pileolaria pistaciae

Has disease name: Asian pistachio rust

Monilinia polystroma

Has disease name: Asiatic brown rot, Blossom blight, Twig blight, Twig canker

Colletotrichum musae

Has disease name: Banana anthracnose, Banana black rot, Banana crown rot, Banana tip rot, Finger stalk rot of banana, Ripe banana fruit rot

Uredo musae

Has disease name: Banana leaf rust

Mycosphaerella musae

Has disease name: Banana speckle disease

Erysiphe berberidis

Has disease name: Barberry powdery mildew

Rhizopus arrhizus var. arrhizus

Has disease name: Barn rot of tobacco, Soft rot of fruit, Soft rot of sweet potato

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lilii

Has disease name: Basal rot of lily

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. passiflorae

Has disease name: Base rot disease of passionfruit, Wilt of passionfruit

Phyllachora musicola

Has disease name: Black cross disease of banana

Pseudopeziza medicaginis f.sp. medicaginislupulinae

Has disease name: Black medick leaf spot, Hop-clover leaf spot

Penicillium funiculosum

Has disease name: Black spot of pineapple, Core rot of pineapple, Postharvest decay of pineapple

Diplocarpon rosae

Has disease name: Black spot of roses, Leaf blotch of roses

Septocyta ruborum

Has disease name: Blackberry cane spot

Phragmidium bulbosum

Has disease name: Blackberry rust

Kuehneola uredinis

Has disease name: Blackberry stem rust

Mycosphaerella ribis

Has disease name: Blackcurrant white spot, Currant leaf spot, Gooseberry leaf spot

Coryneum mori

Has disease name: Blight of mulberry

Pucciniastrum vaccinii

Has disease name: Blueberry rust

Eremothecium gossypii

Has disease name: Boll stain of cotton, Dry rot of bean

Mycosphaerella henningsii

Has disease name: Brown leaf spot of cassava

Lecanicillium fungicola

Has disease name: Brown spot of mushrooms, Dry bubble of mushrooms, Wilt of mushrooms

Coconut cadang-cadang viroid

Has disease name: Cadang cadang disease



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