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Phytophthora cryptogea

Has disease name: Black neck of chrysanthemum, Collar rot, Corm rot of Gloxinia, Crown rot, Gerbera foot rot, Leaf rot of Gloxinia, Ornamentals foot rot, Pink rot of potato, Root rot of Gloxinia, Stem rot of Gloxinia, Tomato foot rot, Trunk canker, Trunk rot, Tulip shanking

Rhizobium radiobacter

Has disease name: Apple hairy root, Bacterial gall, Bacterial stem gall, Beet crown gall, Burr knot, Crown gall, Root gall

Rhizobium rubi

Has disease name: Cane gall of Rubus, Knotting of raspberries

Rhodococcus fascians

Has disease name: Leafy gall fasciation, Ornamentals cauliflower disease, Strawberry cauliflower disease, Strawberry fasciation, Tobacco leafy gall, Witches' broom syndrome

Rhizobium rhizogenes

Has disease name: Apple hairy root, Bacterial gall, Bacterial stem gall, Beet crown gall, Burr knot, Crown gall, Root gall, Rosaceae crown gall

Alectra orobanchoides

Alectra vogelii

Arceuthobium abietinum

Arceuthobium americanum

Arceuthobium douglasii

Arceuthobium laricis

Arceuthobium microcarpum

Arceuthobium minutissimum

Arceuthobium occidentale

Arceuthobium oxycedri

Arceuthobium pusillum

Arceuthobium tsugense

Cistanche tubulosa

Cuscuta australis

Cuscuta campestris

Cuscuta epithymum

Cuscuta epithymum var. trifolii

Cuscuta europaea

Cuscuta europaea subsp. europaea

Cuscuta europaea var. indica

Cuscuta hyalina

Cuscuta japonica

Cuscuta lupuliformis

Cuscuta monogyna

Cuscuta reflexa

Cuscuta reflexa var. brachystigma

Cynomorium coccineum

Cynomorium songaricum

Dendrophthora costaricensis

Lathraea clandestina

Lathraea squamaria

Loranthus europaeus

Misodendrum angulatum

Misodendrum brachystachyum

Misodendrum gayanum

Misodendrum linearifolium

Misodendrum oblongifolium

Misodendrum punctulatum

Misodendrum quadriflorum

Orobanche aegyptiaca

Orobanche cernua

Orobanche crenata

Orobanche gracilis

Orobanche hederae

Orobanche lutea



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