Maternity at Work

Free medical care

During pregnancy and maternity leave, you should be entitled to medical and midwife care without any additional cost.

No harmful work

During pregnancy and while breastfeeding, you should be exempt from work that might bring harm to you or your baby.

Maternity leave

Your maternity leave should last at least 14 weeks.


During maternity leave, your income should amount to at least two thirds (66%) of your preceding salary.

Protection from Dismissals

During pregnancy and maternity leave, you should be protected from dismissal or any other discriminatory treatment.


Right to return to same position

Workers have the right to return to same or equivalent position after availing maternity leave.

Breast Feeding Breaks

After child birth and your rejoining your organization, you must be allowed paid nursing breaks for breast-feeding your child.


ILO Conventions on maternity and work:


An earlier Convention (103 from 1952 prescribed at least 12 weeks maternity leave, 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after. However, a later convention (No. 183 from year 2000) requires that maternity leave be at least 14 weeks of which a period of six weeks compulsory leave should be after childbirth.



Go for national regulations per country to the Decent Work Check.


See also: Family Responsibilities and Work, regulations on Flexible work options for parents, parental leave and paternity leave.